Tiderwiki Manual of Style

Generally wikis have a MoS, Manual of Style, to add to its clarity and consistency. Clarity and consistency will add to the stability of Tiderwiki. Make sure to read through the MoS for Tiderwiki.

Article Titles (Pages)

  • Capitalize the title as you would a book.
  • Titles should be nouns or noun phrases.
  • Keep titles short.
  • Avoid special characters
  • Bold the title.

Section Titles

  • Text = Heading 2
  • Titles should follow the same format as article title (capitalization and bold)
  • Section titles aid in reader's ability to skim to locate information.
  • Do not change an existing section title (heading).

Sub Section Titles

  • Text = Heading 3
  • Capitalize the first word in the title

First Sentences

The article should begin with a non wordy declarative sentence which provides the reader what (or who) is it and why is this subject notable.
General Writing
  • Text = Normal
  • Do not use all caps unless grammatically correct such as FBLA. If you want to emphasize a word, use italics but use italics sparingly.
  • Bold is not used except in titles, subheadings, and key word defined on glossary page.


Anytime you use information you collected from other sources, include a reference in the footnotes. This is not only for quoted material; this is for where you "found" the facts, yet placed them in your own words. Add to the footnotes as follows:
  • When complete writing you information, add the next sequential number in brackets (example [2]).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and repeat this number in brackets and include where you found the information using MLA Format (see below example).
    [2] Wilson, S. "The New Web Online." Section of the Web. 12 June 2008.
    Wilson Corporation. 18 Apr 2009


All glossary page entries should be placed in alphabetical order. The word being defined should be in bold.
Each time you add other people's information to the wiki, add a mla footnote. This includes if you take someone else's information and put it in your own words.