What is Gaggle?

Gaggle is dedicated to providing safe email accounts for students. It includes more than email accounts; it also includes digital lockers, message boards, etc. On the Gaggle Network, teachers have total control over student email and who can correspond with the students. All email is filtered and inappropriate emails are redirected to the teacher. In gaggle, if the administrators are not online, then auto reply can be set-up for times not checking the email. Gaggle is a great way to monitor what kids talk about and learn in school.

Its a cool way to communicate and do your work at the same time. You can also store assignments from where ever you are.

Gaggle is a way for students to have an email while they are at school. Teachers can email you your work safely, and the students can keep up with their work.

Gaggle Tutorials

Gaggle Chat Room tutorial


  • Online calendars that can be customized for the district schools and individual teachers
  • Email pen pals and other Internet projects that can safely connect teachers and students from around the world.
  • Internet homework centers will allow students to share knowledge and get help.
  • Online video conferences will give students the chance to learn from experts and work with mentors in various fields.
  • Email access through wireless devices such as a Cell phone or Blackberry
  • Integration with a mailing listserv programs such as mailman and a web based interface for administering the accounts.
  • Blogging tools for students and teachers.
  • Polling tools for creating online voting systems
  • Parent Accounts for greater home-to-school communication
  • Student Pod-Casting Tools
  • Student Wikipedia System