What is Flash?

Flash is a digital animation software that is used by people like you and I as well as professionals. Flash can be used for making stick people and other cartoons. It can also be used for creating all kinds of different games. Over time, Flash has become a universal standard for placing animations on the internet. It is a great program for creating stop motion animations, an animation technique that makes physically manipulated objects appear to move without aid. It is installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected desktops.

In flash you can add a lot of videos at the same time. You also have a lot of drawing tools and motion features.
MHS currently uses the version "Adobe Flash CS4."

Sidebar Tools

How to Upload Audio

Uploading audio is not as difficult as it will teach you how to use Flash in your applications. First you go to file, then import, and select "import to library". Go to and select the audio file you wish to upload and click upload to library. From there you go to the library and drag and drop the file onto the frame you want it to start playing on.

Flash Tutorials


What are Flash Tutorials?

Flash tutorials will teach you how to use Adobe Flash CS3 and above. The tutorials can teach you how to effectively use many or all of the tools and settings inside of Adobe Flash.