The author of any type of intellectual property is entitled to ownership of their work. It is a long lasting ownership. It depends on when the work was created how long copyright will last. Works that were created prior to 1978 have a copyright length of ninety-five years from the date the copyright was secured. Works created after January 1, 1978 have a copyright lasting for the life of the author and seventy years. Not all copying is piracy because in the copyright law it allows "fair use" of copyright material.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright also applies to Intellectual property. Intellectual property is creations that a person comes up with such as writings, art, and music. Intellectual property is automatically protected once it is in the process of being created.

Anyone who uses someone else's creation can be sued by the original maker for copyright infringement, which is a serious crime. Anyone who violates any of the rights of the copyright owner or of the author, or who imports copies in the United States, is an infringer of the copyright or the right of the author.

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