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-Clay animation or claymation refers to all stop motion animation as opposed to traditional animation.
-Claymation fun facts...
1. Clay animation has been around for 100s of years.
2. Gumby is one of the most famous clay animated characters.
3. The sculpting of each claymation character uses a wire skeleton.
4. Normal claymation films use 24 frames per second
5. Some short films made with claymation have won academy awards.

Clay animation Helpful books
  1. The Polymer Clay Techniques Books- more than 50 tips to make a fabulous clay projects.
  2. How to make CLAY characters- step by step ways to make your characters look real.
3. Animation: Aardman book of 3D Animation

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Clay Animation

Clay animation is one of many forms of stop motion animation. Each animated piece, either character or background, is "deformable" - made of a malleable substance, usually plasticine clay. It can be used to make short films for class or even full movies.

Clay Animation Supplies:
wax paper
rolling pin
shoe box
construction paper
googley eyes
styrofoam balls

A Clay Animation is a compilation of several, several pictures to make a short film. One's clay figures can be made out of many things, but the idea is to keep the figure light-weight so it can be moved easily and isn't difficult to work with. Sculpting things out of clay isn't that easy, but if you can get the proportions right, you don't have a bad looking figure. Clay animation takes several different types of forms. The first is a free form clay animation, the second being a strata-cut animation, and there's also clay painting. Each of the different types affect the end product differently, but if they're all done right, and with a creative mind, it'll turn out looking pretty good.

The plasticine clay is a group of malleable substances used in building and sculpting. Plasticine clay is most of the time used for children's play, but also as a modelling more formal or permanent structures.
For a little bit of history , plasticine was created by an art teacher ,William harbutt , in 1897 in england.

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  • Wire
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Clay
  • Foam

Set and props-
  • construction paper
  • tape shoe box
  • fury wire
  • sand

Jordan and Zach's Claymation Supplies.

1. Clay- In varied colors
2. Wire Tin Foil
3. Wax Paper
5. Plastic Scalpel- molding and cutting clay
6. Rolling Pin
7. Wiggly Eyes

Set and Props-
1. Shoe Box
2. Construction Paper
3. Tape

List of Films Featuring Clay Animation

  • Gumbasia (Art Clokey, 1955)
  • Plastiphobia (Fred O'Neal & Val Federoff, New Zealand, 1962)
  • Clay or the Origin of Species (Eliot Noyes Jr., 1965)
  • Heungbu-wa Nolbu (Kang Taeung, 1967)
  • He Man and She Bar (Eliot Noyes Jr., 1972)
  • Morph (Peter Lord and Dave Sproxton, 1976)
  • Mountain Music (Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner, 1976)
  • Martin the Cobbler (Will Vinton Studio, 1977)
  • Rip Van Winkle (Will Vinton Studio, 1978)
  • Claymation (Will Vinton Studio, production documentary film, 1978)
  • I Go Pogo (Stowmar Enterprises, 1979)
  • Legacy (Will Vinton Studio, 1979)
  • The Little Prince (Will Vinton Studio, 1979)
  • Baby Snakes (Bruce Bickford, for Frank Zappa, 1979)
  • The Christmas Gift (Will Vinton Studio, a long-form Paul Stokey music video, 1980)
  • Creation (Will Vinton Studio, featuring Joan Gratz, 1980)
  • Plasticine Crow (Aleksandr Tatarskiy, USSR, 1981)
  • Good Night, Little Ones (Aleksandr Tatarskiy, animated caption for a TV Show under the same name, USSR, 1981)
  • The Great Cognito (Will Vinton Studio, featuring Barry Bruce, 1982)
  • Last Year's Snow (Aleksandr Tatarskiy, USSR, 1983)
  • New Year Song of Ded Moroz (Aleksandr Tatarskiy, USSR, 1983)
  • Tiap-Liap, House Painters (Garri Bardin, USSR, 1984)
  • The Trap Door (Terry Brain and Charlie Mills, 1984)
  • The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985 film) (Will Vinton, 1985)
  • Break! (Garri Bardin, USSR, 1985)
  • Arnold Escapes From Church (Craig Bartlett, 1988)
  • A Claymation Christmas Celebration (Will Vinton Studio, TV special, 1987)
  • Vanz Kant Danz (Will Vinton Studio a John Fogerty music video, 1987)
  • Return to Oz (Will Vinton studio, 1988) (Knome King scenes)
  • Meet the Raisins (Will Vinton Studio, TV special, 1988)
  • Speed Demon (Will Vinton Studio, for Michael Jackson's Moonwalker film, 1987)
  • Claymation Comedy of Horrors (Will Vinton Studio), TV special 1989)
  • A Claymation Easter (Will Vinton Studio, TV special 1989)
  • The Raisins: Sold Out (Will Vinton Studio, TV special, 1990)
  • Seryi volk & Krasnaya Shapochka (Garri Bardin, USSR, 1990)
  • The Creature Comforts series (Aardman Studios, starting in 1990)
  • The Arnold Waltz (Craig Bartlett, 1990)
  • Arnold Rides a Chair (Craig Bartlett, 1991)
  • The Wallace and Gromit film series (Aardman Studios, starting in 1989)
  • Bump in the Night (Danger Productions, 1994-1995)
  • Kot v sapogakh (Garri Bardin, 1995)
  • James and the Giant Peach (Henry Selick, 1996)
  • Plasmo (television series, Anthony Lawrence, 1996 AUS)
  • More (Mark Osborne, 1998)
  • Rex the Runt (television series; Richard Goleszowski, 1998 UK)
  • Celebrity Deathmatch (television series; Eric Fogel, 1998 USA)
  • The PJs television series (Will Vinton Studio, 1999)
  • Chicken Run (Aardman Studio, Nick Park & crew, 2000)
  • Gary and Mike (Will Vinton Studio, television series, 2001)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin (Kids Station, Japan, television series, 2005)
  • Moral Orel
  • Weasel Stomping Day ("Weird Al" Yankovic, 2006)
  • Mary and Max ("Adam Elliot", 2009)
  • "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" (episode of Community, 2010)


  • assign jobs to each person in the group
  • be sure that the students that you pick to be in your group are dependable
  • let each group participant have an input in the project
  • allow everyone to mutually agree on everything if possible

Top 5 Books on Clay Animation

1. Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation, Second Edition by Susannah Shaw
2. Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3! by Marc Spess, Mike Brent and Lionel Orozco
3. Fundamentals of Animation by Paul Wells
4. How to Make Clay Characters by Maureen Carlson
5. The Art of Stop-Motion Animation by Ken A. Priebe
Chase Toland, Morgan Osbon, Gaelan Delgado


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