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Throughout the year you will read a variety of books whether for AR, Chat About It, or on your own. This page is for you to create a class bookshelf giving an overview of your books. Please keep our shelves in alphabetical order:)
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Haley Hammond
This book was a very good book about banking. It tells you the basic information about setting up your new account and everything. Banking is for everyone. You even get bank statements every month to tell you how much you get have in your bank(balance). You can bank alot of ways such as electrical or in person. There`s ATM`s in shopping malls and outside of banks ATM`s let you withdraw money. Im sure you`ll learn a lot about banking if you wanted to now about it.

Cyber Literacy

Susan Gregson
This book talks about cyber literacy(being smart online). In this book it teaches you what things to look for to make sure a email or website online is reliable. You can't always believe everything you read online, but especially in emails. Also, it explains how to decide which keywords you should use while using a search engine. In this book you will learn a lot of helpful tips on safe internet use!

Frequently Asked Questions About Identity Theft

Michael R. Wilson
The book, Frequently Asked Questions About Identity Theft, talks all about identity theft and what it is. Identity theft is the stealing of someone's identity and using their name. The book says that identity theft can happen to anyone. The book shows what to do if your identity is stolen. In this book, you will learn all about identity theft and what to do if your identity is stolen.

Exit Point

It was a very interesting book about a boy that killed himself by getting drunk and getting in a car wreck. The moral was that he died when it wasn't his turn, but they said it was taking the easy way out. Which was were the exit point came in. His problem was by him dying early he wasn't able to help his sister out in real life when their uncle was raping her.