Welcome to the Tider Wiki!

Tiderwiki is our class spot on the web to collaboratively collect information on various topics. We will use this wiki to organize class information similar to a large collaborative binder. We use Evernote for our class notes, so this will not have a full collection on the topics. Tiderwiki instead provides an overview and gradually builds on the topics over the years. It gives students practice outside our "wall-community" LMS on creating and contributing to wikipages. Before you start adding to our class wiki, stop by the MoS page. Have a good year!!

If you are an educator and would like to contribute to our wiki, we would LOVE to have you and your class join us! Please email the following to Mrs. D at pencilbo@websterpsb.org. You will receive an emailed response within 24 hours unless during a holiday.

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Note: Due to wikispaces being previously blocked by our Parish, many of these contributions were added by students during the fall semester of 2009 using our first wiki site.